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Installing retaining walls and landscaping for 46 years

We have been been privileged to serve the St. Louis area for both residential and commercial clients. At Environmental Landscaping, we specialize in all things landscaping related, from consulting and design work, plant installations of all kinds – from certified nursery tree stock, pathways, sidewalks and driveways, patios and decks, water features, gazebos and arbors, low voltage lighting and more.

One job we do quite often in the winter months, while everything in the garden and lawn lay dormant, is the custom design and installation of retaining walls. Undesirable slopes on your property. First, they limit the enjoyability of your entire outdoor space when you have significant areas of your property that you cannot access.

Which brings us to problem number two, which has the potential to cause a much worse result. Sometimes in a effort to go up and down regardless, slopes of too high a grade can result in nasty falls for both you and also visitors to your home. It doesn’t much imagination to realize how seriously unfortunate an accident of this type could potentially be, especially as we all grow older and our ability to traverse hills like this can diminish and the results from a fall could be very significant!


Beautifully engineered and implemented, your retaining walls are build for decade of worry free performance

Armed with that knowledge, now is a great time of year to have us come out to assess your property and consult you on the best retaining wall solution to your unique outdoor spaces, so you’ll be more than ready for the springtime growing season a few months from now.

At Environmental Landscaping, we offer workmanship of the utmost quality in all areas of landscape construction. When you choose Environmental for your outdoor project, we handle everything, causing you far less hassle and confusion and ultimately being more economical.

We know the value of your dollar, which is why we recommend and typically install the very best products right up front for our valued customers. Everything we do on your property is designed to last many years into the future, giving you peace of mind that you will not have to worry whatsoever after the work is done. When you start with a quality product and add in our expert knowledge and expertise built up over decades, it’s not hard to see how we provide the best possible service and workmanship for our customers.

We always strive to provide the highest quality retaining walls and interlocking paver designs and installations to be found in the entire St. Louis metropolitan region. We use only the best products, with installation by well trained, dedicated employees.

We have years of landscaping design and installation experience and a complete dedication to excellence, that can make all the difference to you the homeowner.  In experience, we have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet, building everything from two foot tall landscape retaining walls to walls of twenty and thirty feet tall structural retaining walls, which hold up an entire hillside; everything from small patio paver installations to large interlocking paver projects.

Environmental Landscaping provides lawn care and landscape services to the entire St. Louis city and county area, in places St. Charles, Oakland, St. Louis City, Soulard, University City, Olivette, Fenton, Manchester, Webster Groves, Glendale, Rock Hill, Brentwood, Kirkwood and Ladue…and everywhere in between!

As a company, it is our job to ensure that our customers are satisfied completely, which is why we guarantee our work 100%.  We have many, many years of combined knowledge and experience in the retaining wall industry. Our professionals pride themselves on providing beautiful hardscapes with proven structural integrity. Call us today 636-225-3848 to learn more about the services we provide, and to schedule a time for us to come out to look at your property and give you our professional opinion!

Or you can always get through to us by visiting our Contact Us for retaining wall construction and all the other products and services Page and sharing some of the details of your unique project up front. We look forward to sharing all of your landscaping needs throughout the entire St. Louis metro area.

Thank you,

Tory Catanzaro, Owner – Environmental Landscaping

Founded in 1970, Environmental Landscaping is one of the leading St. Louis based retaining wall specialists. Our reputation has grown over the years, as a landscaping consultant and designer, known for our professionalism, expert knowledge, excellent customer service and the quality of our design work.

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