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Best Selling, Most Popular LED Landscape Lighting in St. Louis

You may be asking, what is the most popular LED landscape lighting in St. Louis; when you’d like to add decorative landscape lights to your yard, garden and outdoor patio areas what are the best selling styles? It’s a very good question, because fixtures such as path lights and garden spot lights can improve safety outside your home after dark, and really help transform your property into an outdoor living space when done right.

Some of the basics to consider, items that we will want to talk with you about as well, are:

Get a natural look by adding soft light that mimics the effect of moonlight on the property. Conceal your light source behind shrubs, tree branches or other foliage.

Finding your outdoor style. For inspiration, check out the latest outdoor furniture and patio decor trends.

Options regarding decorative planters, colorful accent pillows and other stylish outdoor décor to finish the look.


But for the fixtures themselves, there are some of the most popular LED landscape lighting in St. Louis choices. We talked about step lighting, area lighting, graze lighting and wall washing, some of the most common types of LED landscape lighting in the St. Louis metro area, in our last post on landscape lighting in St. Louis. What you may not realize it that you have MANY different options in all of those categories, something that fits just about any style and taste possible.

When you are interested in low voltage lighting in St. Louis for safety or the beautiful effects they create, let Environmental Landscaping help you with your selection. We can visit your property and take a look at your particular circumstances, and provide you with many different light options to review, and then provide you with expert installation, based upon decades of combined experience in helping our St. Louis metro customers.

As you prepare for our landscaping consultation for your new LED low voltage lighting, think a bit on what you are trying to accomplish with your lighting. Is it for safe passage for you and your guests? Is it to accent certain areas or plants? Your home, or water feature, or seating area? Each of these will help determine what you should consider re: your lighting, making your time with one of our experts the most productive.

At Environmental Landscaping we work with St. Louis and Jefferson County homeowners to greatly enhance their properties for the maximum long-term investment.

From Webster Groves and Kirkwood, to Chesterfield and Wildwood, and everywhere in between, Environmental is here for you when you need us.

Call us today at (636) 225-3848 or contact us via email at today to learn more about your landscape lighting options.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

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