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St. Louis Landscape Consultant Best Practices for April

So what are the things that you should be doing here in April to get ready for a gorgeous growing season? Well, first of all the Spring weather is upon us, at least hopefully (this is St. Louis, so there could be a blizzard or heatwave tomorrow) But that should mean that the perfect growing time of the year is upon us as well. The first step is to continue to remove winter mulches and debris from planting beds.

As you may have done in March, apply or reapply pre- and post-emergent herbicides to planting beds to control the growth of weeds. Plant cool season annuals like pansies and snapdragons. Plant your strawberries now.

Continue to rake lawn areas to remove dead grass, remaining sticks and debris. You should be reaching the point where all of debris from over the winter months is gone or manageable, and to aerate your lawn too for the best results this year.  Your first mowing of the year is also probably behind you, so this helps turn that excess material into mulch (if you can help it; the first mow of the season can require bagging though) In general, the choice of mulching vs. bagging comes down to the situation you are dealing with.

Now would be a great time to schedule a visit from Environmental Landscaping if you need help with these lawn care in St. Louis items.

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We Can Help With Your Lawn Care Needs

Those bare spots you just exposed with your raking? Well you should get those covered up with seed as well. Go back to these thin spots and do some additional raking, to break up the soil a bit more, and do some spot seeding in these thin or bare areas

Once you have applied the seed, place a light covering of straw mulch or compost (not too much! Just enough to cover the seen from view.) This area of course should have considerable attention from the hose if weather doesn’t provide its own natural watering.


Have a project that requires multiple days of watering after it is planted, etc? Take a look at the weather forecast for rain if you can, and let the skies do some of the work for you!

The middle of April is also a good time to test your lawn, and add lime if warranted.

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