June Landscaping Tips for St. Louis Homeowners

June provides so many opportunities for various tasks and helpful jobs around the garden and lawn that can keep your property looking its best for the rest of the year.

This month provides a great opportunity to tame those wild gardens of yours, though it will certainly thank you in any warm weather month!

In June you should also look to prune back springtime flowering shrubs such as azaleas. Trim these plants now before they set buds for next year.

Most St. Louis landscapers and outdoor enthusiasts know already the scourge that can come from the honeysuckle vine. Without proper vigilance, this is one plant that can seriously take over a yard in places it is unwanted! So it’s best to address the issue before it gets out of hand later on, by trimming or removing it here in the early summer.

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Honeysuckle can overrun your yard when left unattended!

The same goes for pulling weeds; getting to them now, before they have completely taken hold or multiplied beyond control is always a best practice!

Adding nutsedge control and fungicide are also items on the to-do list for St. Louis homeowners.

Make sure your automatic irrigation system is on and programmed to water plants and turf areas. Try this trick. When leaving home for that weekend jaunt, don’t forget about your hanging baskets and potted flowers. Place them in a shaded spot in your planting bed so your automatic irrigation system will water them and keep your flowers looking healthy.

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