St Louis Summers are HOT… Don’t Forget the Water for Yourself

Let us start by saying you need to WATER again!

But no, not just for those thirsty plants. Water for yourself, too. During these hot St. Louis area summers, you need to watch out for your own health and well-being while working outside this time of year!

The best time to be outside tending to your assorted flora is early in the morning. If that’s impossible, the cool of the evening is also a perfect time.

Otherwise, take a bottle of water with you and keep hydrated!


Don’t Overheat!

With that said, there are some things you can do this time of year – without overheating yourself! Take a look at your evergreens to check for bagworms.

Apply herbicides to planting beds to control weeds, but of course remember there is a BIG difference between what you can and can not use in a garden.

This is something you can do year round, though it can be particularly helpful in the heat of summer. Replenish or replace mulch around trees, shrubs & in bed areas to a depth of 3” to 4”. This helps the soil retain moisture during dry weather.

Remember your landscape while you’re away on vacation this summer. Set timers on irrigation systems or have someone (who really likes you!) water while you’re gone, not just the lawn but also  container gardens in full sun.

With tips and more that we can provide you, you’ll enjoy a green, beautiful lawn and landscaping even in the heat of summertime.

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Tory Catanzaro, Owner – Environmental Landscaping




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