Planning Your Flower Beds for this Upcoming Season

As one of the top St. Louis landscaping consultants, lawn service and outdoor contractors, here is another list of tips you can use here at the beginning of the season to make your outdoor spaces really shine this year.Flower Beds from St Louis Landscaper

Now is the time to start to plan what type of annuals or perennial you want to incorporate into your various landscape beds, pots and hanging baskets. The plans you make now are the ones which are going to pay the real dividends later on this year to beautify your outdoor spaces.

Head outside with a pen and a pad of paper and take notes on what you think would work best in each location this season, taking into account what worked well last season to make sure to include those, more of those, or very similar varieties this spring.

Also think back to the varieties that didn’t do so well last year and you want to avoid this spring, because of poor soil conditions there or lack of light, or just the simple fact you’d like to try something different and new this year. Use the knowledge you have built up during your time in your home to its greatest advantage.

Flower Bed Planning from St Louis Environmental LandscapingExpert St. Louis Landscaper Tip:

When purchasing a hanging basket from your nursery this spring, one technique you can try is removing the hanger, and setting the basket into your decorative pot.

This way, you immediately have a beautiful lush pot for your porch or deck!

Another thing you might try this season is placing a palm tree in one of your pots on your front porch or deck too. Be sure that the palms aren’t placed in the direct afternoon sunlight, but otherwise you can have another beautiful plant getting ready for the real warm up already on its way!

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