Think of Your Flower and Vegetable Gardens Now

As you continue to utilize this slower period of the year, this is a great time to think about your vegetable and flower gardens.

As one of the most experienced and best St. Louis landscaping companies in town, here are some additional tips on getting your outdoor spaces ready to go this year. Make 2016 one of the best ever!

flower and vegetable garden in st louis landscaperWhen the weather allows, February is a perfect time to cultivate your vegetable and flower gardens for the new season. Break up the soil, and add last year’s compost to improve the conditions of your beds, so they will be ready to go when the time comes for planting

If you have cool season plants in a green house, you can begin their growth now, or get a head start with plants which face a warm southern window inside. This will help foster a head start for these plants before planting season, ensuring an even greater harvest, or more beautiful flowers too!

Think about any additions to your garden such as fruit & nut trees – but be sure that they aren’t planted in a way that they will block the sunlight in the other areas of your garden though.

Your Expert St. Louis Landscaping Consultants

Now is also a great time to start planning your vegetable garden. Take a look at various seed catalogs to see what sounds best for you.

This could be the year that you try something different in addition to old favorites, and remember to plant at least one different type or variety this spring. You may find a new favorite!

Don’t forget your supplies too! Make sure you have enough tomato stakes, cages, etc. You don’t want a furry critter to come along and ruin all the hard work you’ve put in so far.

As one of the most experienced landscaping consultants throughout the St. Louis metro region, serving many local cities such as Chesterfield, Webster Groves and Ladue, we are here to provide you with all the support and products to make your outdoor spaces look great all year long. Give us a call at (636) 225-3848 or contact us online today.

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