September Landscaping – Get Ready for Fall

Seasonal Landscaping in St. Louis

Autumn officially begins September 22nd, and many homeowners throughout St. Louis are already starting to get ready.

Though the leaves haven’t fallen yet, you can still get a jump start on fall clean up this month.

Taking the time now to get prepared for the colder weather this winter can pay big dividends later.

Cut back dead flowers, petals, leaves that fall in your flowerbeds.

Dig up and store your tender bulbs like dahlias and begonias; plant ones that flower in the spring.

Don’t stop watering yet!

The daytime temperatures may not be nearly as high as they were in July or August, but the soil has still retained much of the summer heat.

Keep watering your lawn, landscaping and garden once or twice per week.

Fertilize lawn with organic fertilizer to stimulate winter root development.landscaping-st-louis-fenton-manchester-lawn-sprinkler

If you have some spots that need some touch up, September is a great month to add some high-quality grass seed. The major heat of the St. Louis summer is behind us, yet there is still time for the grass to take root before the cold of winter appears.

Taking these simple steps now will help guarantee a thick, green lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood next year!

You can also give more attention to other things in your outdoor spaces by planning and preparing now.

Maybe next year is the time for that new patio or deck you’ve been thinking about, or putting in that walkway or low voltage lighting system to improve your safety, security and the overall look of your home and property.

No matter what your landscaping needs might be, we’ve got you covered at Environmental.

Remember once again that the fall is a great time for planting trees and shrubs in St. Louis.

Please give us a call at (636) 225-3848 or contact us today and let us know what outdoor project you have in mind.





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