St. Louis Landscaping Pros – Fall Tips

St. Louis Landscaping Company September Tips!

Later summer and early fall can be a good time to plant trees & shrubs in your yard.

Most of the hottest St. Louis weather is behind us, and these plants still have a couple months to get settled before the cold temperatures arrive.

(For most perennials & ornamental grasses, you should wait to plant in spring.)

Even though most of the summer heat is behind us, you should still be watering plant material though, and especially newly installed landscapes.

  • Replechesterfield-ballwin-manchester-wildwood-landscapersnish mulch around trees, shrubs & in bed areas to a depth of 3” to 4”. This helps the soil retain moisture during dry weather.
  • Continue to spot spray lawn for weeds with appropriate herbicide, and if hand-weeding remember it’s much easier when the soil is damp! Getting to weeds before they seed can really help down the road.
  • Continue to deadhead annuals & perennials. Pull up any old, weak or dead annuals.
  • Prune trees & shrubs to shape & to remove dead or damaged branches.
  • Cover fish ponds with bird netting to keep falling leaves from getting into the water. You can also cut back on feeding the fish; during the coldest parts of the year they may need little food.
  • After aerating & seeding your lawn, fertilize once a month through winter. *Pro St. Louis Landscaper Tip: start in September, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Get houseplants & tropicals ready to bring indoors…check for insects and disease first, prune & trim any dead or weak foliage, deadhead blooms, & water thoroughly. Stop fertilizing during winter or dilute to half strength.
  • Remember our feathered friends….put out plenty of birdseed & plenty of fresh water!


Many people assume that springtime is when most things should happen outdoors, but remember that closer to the end of the year is important too!

Follow these recommendations and you’ll have your outdoor spaces ready for the cold weather this winter season.

Environmental Landscaping is an area expert on all things outdoors, helping to beautify your property in so many different ways.

We are your expert landscape design and plant installation specialists, using only the best stock available. When you need low voltage lighting, a new walkway or patio, even a deck – we are here to help. Please call today with your questions or to schedule an appointment: (636) 225-3548.

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