Keep Your Property Looking Great – All Year Long

No matter the season, there are always things that you can do to keep your property looking great, all year long.

As your St. Louis Landscaping company of choice, we have decided to begin sharing our many years of experience with you – our incredibly valued customer. We have served the St. Louis region as expert landscaping consultants and designers for decades, and we offer everything from specimen, certified stock to the installation of patios, walkways, arbors and gazebos – and everything in between. For each week from here on out, as the most-experienced St. Louis landscaping installer in town, we’ll be sharing some vital piece of info or some general outdoor tips that you can use to make your lawn, garden, landscaping beds and other features shine, for an even more beautiful property!

So lets get started. In February, of course most trees and perennials are dormant. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore your outdoor spaces.

In fact, some of your greatest opportunities can come during the winter months, when you are less preoccupied with other outdoor needs. This helps ensure that your landscaping, lawn and garden will be more prepared than ever when the temperatures start to warm, which depending on trends come be starting right around the corner.

Raked LeavesIt’s time to get out the rakes, and clean up all that debris that has gathered over the winter from lawns and all those planting beds, and take them over to your compost pile. Remove any fallen trees branches and twigs from turf areas too.

This is because an excess of leaf debris – or fallen tree branches – can damage turf long-term, and wet leaves will start to smother your lawn if not immediately removed in early spring. So now is the best time to begin the work of cleaning all this old debris up, with the added benefit of making your job applying fertilizer and herbicides easier later on too.

Don’t forget to remove all the accumulated debris from decks and patio surfaces too to prevent staining. The longer they sit there, the more potential staining can occur…so use this as your motivation to get up and get it off!

And don’t forget our little friends in the sky! This is a great time to provide more food for birds after a cold winter. Remember that when feeding birds, it is very important to have a fresh supply of non-frozen water as well.

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