Fertilize and Prevent Crabgrass in the Spring


Your St. Louis Landscaping Consultants

Entering the middle of March, now is the time to apply your first application of fertilizer to lawns containing slow release nitrogen. This is one of the first steps in a series to ensure a healthy, thick and beautiful lawn this season.

If there are spot areas in your lawn which need to be seeded, do that at this time as well as you are applying fertilizer. Remember that you don’t want to mow the areas that have new grass seedlings right away.

Apply crabgrass pre-emergent to lawns before the Forsythia finish blooming. Crabgrass spreads quickly during the warm summer months. Between midsummer and fall, each plant makes thousands of seeds.

The first frost kills the plants themselves, but the seeds remain dormant through the winter. When the ground temperature warms up, the seeds begin to grow. Stay one step ahead of them by applying now.

(But make sure however that you don’t apply crabgrass pre-emergent to the areas you have re-seeded however, because your young seedlings won’t respond well to this at all!)

Another long term tip from our experienced lawn care company in St. Louis is to keep your grass at a sufficient height when mowing. This deprives weeds like crabgrass, which need high levels of sunlight, the chance to grow and gain a foothold throughout your yard. This may mean getting the mower out more often than you are used to, or having a lawn care company out more frequently to cut, but your lawn will thank you for the added effort!

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