Now is the Time to Prune Your Trees

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The late dormant season is the best for most types of pruning, just before spring growth kicks off, since the fresh wounds will only be exposed for a shortened period of time.

Prune fruit trees and grapes in early to mid-March, after the worst of the winter cold has passed and before spring growth begins. This will encourage fruit development later on.

You should remove any dead or dying branches or those injured by disease, insects, animals, storms, or other adverse damage caused during the winter such as falling limbs for example. You may also remove branches that rub together and the stubs of previous ones.

Trimming Tree Branches Environmental Landscaping

Be sure not to prune the leading branch on young trees where a single leader is desirable (many evergreens are in this category). Also note that it isn’t recommended that you prune more than 25-30% of a planting’s live branches at any one time, as this may seriously harm growth (or even kill the plant in some extreme cases)

If more pruning is necessary, allow the plant to recover and heal before any additional cutting, and proceed at a deliberate pace afterwards.

Now is NOT the time to prune spring flowering shrubs however. Wait until one month after they bloom.

With these tips you can help ensure the most healthy, vibrant trees and shrubs throughout your landscaping and property in general.

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