Landscaping Tips from Your Top Nursery and Lawn Care Landscaping Pros

Tips from your top St. Louis landscaping specialists

Here are your top items to do here as we leave May behind and enter JuSt. Louis Expert Landscaping Specialistne

You should feed your Azaleas after the plants have finished blooming. One good tip to remove the dried blooms from your azaleas, use a hose nozzle with a strong stream of water to knock the dried blooms off. If they are still holding on, wait and try again in about a week.

There are a number of other tips we can share with you for this time of year:

Plant your container gardens now, just remember to water more frequently (especially in warm, dry weather that we sometimes experience in St. Louis, though we seem to get a little bit of everything!) since roots are above ground & can dry out quicker than if planted in beds.

You should start fertilizing annuals every 10 days to 2 weeks, especially heavy bloomers.

Should be able to transplant any annuals started indoors and tropical water plants, just pay attention to cold nighttime temperatures.

  • You can still apply weed control to lawns while days are still cooler. Do not apply once warm weather stays.
  • Start Rose maintenance routine of spraying, watering, feeding & deadheading.
  • Dig & divide early spring perennials, only if they have finished flowering.
  • Continue to monitor plant material and water plant material for insects & disease damage.
  • Plant summer blooming bulbs.
  • Continue to provide food & water for the birds.
  • Hummingbirds should be back now. Keep them happy with a simple sugar solution (1 part dissolved sugar to 4 parts water). Change the solution frequently if the hummingbirds aren’t draining the feeder, especially if it’s in direct sun. The solution can spoil & become toxic to these amazing little creatures.
  • Can sow warm season vegetables & herbs.

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Tory Catanzaro – Owner, Environmental Landscaping

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